Project Onyx

Tags: EP

Project Onyx is veteran producer Kid Droid’s first non drum & bass release, and features four tracks that take leads from drum & bass and dubstep, but veers far away from the standard rulebook. The result is dark and moody, and the tracks are equally at home in headphones or on a dancefloor.

The title cut is a slice of dubstep-influenced sleazy funk with a sliding techno beat and some mean, moody attacking bass pressure. They’re Coming For You moves from hip hop beats to funky house-infused bass, keeping things sharp and together throughout. Guns starts as a considered, almost downtempo piece, with an attractive xylophone line over the top of some crunching beats. An electro-house lift is matched with some hip hop MCing without losing a second. As things progress, Kid Droid adds in layers of sound at different intervals, creating a world of music unlike any you’ve heard before.

Track Listing

  1. Onyx
  2. They’re Coming For You
  3. Guns
  4. Waves
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